Innovating for the kids

Innovating for the kids

Is innovation only for grown-ups? Wrong! Innovation is for everyone, from kids to adults. Here are some sensational creations specially developed for them.

I love the innovations developed at the Electrolux Design Lab , it is like seeing the future happening now. Anyone can vote for the projects, because it’s all part of a contest in which students from around the world are participating. It caught my attention the ideas for kids, starting with the Kitchen Wizard, that when pointed in the direction of the food, it “reads”, identifies and tell the child what food it is. It contributes to the child`s learning and expands the knowledge about food, in addition to integrating the whole family and stimulating imagination.

Kitchen Wizard for kids

HP+ is a bracelet designed to project germs holographs in the hands of children every time they eat, so they remember to wash their hands. Sounds silly, but considering the amount of diseases that can be prevented by simple handwashing, is excellent to create this habit early on. The bracelet also identifies the food consumed and generates score. Healthy foods generate positive scores, as in a game. Games are a great way to stimulate the little ones to have good habits.

Kids washing hands

Bracelet kids

Finally, we have BioPrinter, a 3D printer that allows children to prepare their own food. I love 3D printers, they open up a world of possibilities and innovation. This printer holds up to three ingredients and has a simple interface to be used by everyone, including children. You can simply choose the recipe and keep the cartridges loaded. The printer cooks, or better saying, prints, by itself. And even greater, all the organic residue can be used as biofuel to maintain the machine operation.

Bio Printer kids

And you, what would you like to see in your kitchen in the future? Tell us in the comments!

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