Who dares to drink this? Blue wine and much more

Who dares to drink this? Blue wine and much more

Blue wine, cow urine. who dares to prove?These beverage already exist and they are being sold and many people drink it. Try it here.

The newest release of the Spanish wine industry is the blue wine. It’s not purple, due to the presence of fruit, it is really blue. After two years of research Gik was finally presented. It is made from white and red grapes, anthocyanins (substance in red and purple fruit, is what gives this color to them and is also an antioxidant that is good for your health) and pigments. According to the creators, with support of the University of the Basque Country, Gik represents the innovative part of life. They want to break with the past and invent the future and blue refers to infinity and innovation.

Drink blue wine

For the most radical in search of innovative drinks, there is also an Indian drink made from cow urine. The Gau Jal is a soda marketed as a healthy alternative to Coca-Cola. In the country it is common to find people who consume the urine of cows, because they are considered sacred animals. It is believed that the liquid is bactericidal and have the potential to cure diseases.

Drink cow urine

If you are more old-fashioned and prefer to guarantee the origin of the drinks that come into your house, it is better to invest in a lock like the one Heineken has developed to an action in partnership with the UEFA Champions League. With optical system, it only opens the door through the barcode of Heineken. That is, no more parties where your friend takes cheap beer and drinks everyone else`s beers.

Unfortunately the brand just released five units for the promotional action, but who know when a lock like this will be available on the market?

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