An unconventional meal: food steam and much more

An unconventional meal: food steam and much more

No, this time it’s not about eating insects, but sitting at the table and just eating your meal is no longer the only choice these days.

To start the meal, you can inhale your drink in the form of steam. We told here about the bar where you can do that. The novelty is that now you can have the same system at home. It attends by the name of Vapshot and throws the alcohol vapor in bottles. You may drink using a straw. That is, if you have the $ 700 to buy the basic model, of course.

In Cozumel, Mexico, Clear Lounge, first underwater oxygen bar in the world, promotes tastings of non-alcoholic beverages made from a mixture of flavored air that comes to the client through a special helmet. The experience of flavors in an infusion of oxygen has the advantage of not ending in a hangover the next day.

clear lounge meal

To accompany the drink, nothing better that inhalable meal. Juniper Restaurant Kitchen and Wine Bar, in Ottawa, Canada, can offer you this experience. The aromas of the food preparation can be sucked with a straw. It allows you to taste the food, but not ingest their calories and fats, for example.

Although it seems interesting the idea to eat without ingesting the food per se, just remember what happens when we passed alongside those ovens with roasted chicken inside, the smell is wonderful, but we’re still hungry. If on the one hand this can be the supporting role in weight control diets, without proper control it can carry diseases such as anorexia.

If steam is not your food, you can try the wave AeroLife, lipstick with tiny particles of powdered foods, nutrients and, soon, medicines. The company promises to deliver great sensations in small amounts. Just open the tube, suck and swallow, fruits, vitamins and more.

If even this apparatus to reduce your food to powder does not convince you, surrender to innovation and taste of Space Glass, a glass developed by Scottish brand Ballantine’s, that let you drink whisky in space.

Screen Shot 10/11/2015 at 17.37.39

As in the absence of gravity the objects float, the glass can keep the drink stuck with it. The cup is printed on 3D printer and has straws to the liquid not to be lost on the way up. No doubt, it is much more interesting than planting lettuce in space.

Surrender to this unconventional meal and tell your experience to us!

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