Ultimate laziness: 3 inventions that work for you

Ultimate laziness: 3 inventions that work for you

After working all week long, nothing better than some relax. Sometimes laziness is so great that you just want to spend the day lying down watching tv series. With that in mind, other lazy, I mean, other creative people, have developed amazing devices that contribute to your resting.

Check out our list of the 3 inventions that contribute to your  well deserved laziness:

1. Smart bottle warns you about your water intake

The HidrateMe comes with a sensor that measures your water intake. It sends the data to your smartphone and warns you about on when how much more water to consume. Comes in 5 color options and it can be washed in dishwasher.

2. Device that analyzes your chewing

Bit Bite is the device that evaluates your eating habits through the sound of chewing. All you need is to insert it into your ear. It detects the vibration of sound waves and warns you if you’re eating at the right speed and if you had chewed enough. And of course, all the data collected is sent to your smartphone. In addition to the quality of masticationit estimates the calories intake and acts as a “coach”, indicating what you should eat. To do more than that, just if it chews food for you!

FitBite laziness

3. Coffee maker with wifi control

Smarter is the smart coffeemaker. With a command coming from your smartphone it grinds the coffee beans and get your coffee ready with no human interaction. And, of course, it can be programmed to let your coffee done as soon as you wake up. The price is bitter, around 200 dollar, but you will never need to get out of bed to prepare a cup of coffee anymore.

coffee maker laziness

Having these devices, you may simply lie down, put your favorite movie on and enjoy a well deserved rest, because after all, the art of relaxing is part of the art of working.

The art of relaxing is part of the art of working” (John Steinbeck-writer)

References: Digital Trends

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