Top 5 most innovative Easter eggs

Top 5 most innovative Easter eggs

Easter eggs are tasty, beautiful and … very similar. Eat Innovation brings a different list, with the most innovative ones. Enjoy it!

1 – Chocolate beer

In 2015 chocolate egg with Brazilian beer Skol caused noise in the media. I don’t know if it was as good as cute, but this trend is back this year with the Danish Carlsberg. The campaign entitled “What if Carlsberg did chocolate bars?” referred to an English-style pub, completely made of chocolate in London. It’s not an egg, but a whole bar with half a ton of chocolate created especially for Easter. Beer is served in glasses made of chocolate, of course!

innovative skol Easter eggs innovative carlsberg Easter eggs

2 – “Selfie-egg”

How about to celebrate Easter with a replica of your face in chocolate? The creation comes from Studio Bompas & Parr The unit production cost is $ 4800 because of 3D printing technology used in nylon mold made from your face. Although expensive, once you have the mold, you can fill your entire house of custom chocolate and repeat as many times as you want (scary? See more selfie food news here).

Easter eggs innovators face

3 – Egg Outback

Outback restaurant in Brazil broke new ground by using its most successful dessert, “Chocolate Thunder From Down Under “ for creating Easter eggs. Imagine dark chocolate, brownie, white ganache and chocolate ganache. To win one of these, customer must order dessert that comes with a sealed envelope containing a spoon. If the spoon is silver, client gets only a spoon. If it is a golden spoon, the client gets spoon and the egg.

Easter eggs Outback

4 -Vegan Egg with Raw Cocoa

Comes from the Roman confectionary Grezzo Raw Chocolate the first vegan Easter egg, dairy and gluten free, made with raw chocolate from Ecuador. Given the demand for healthy food, the egg is also organic and sweetened with coconut unrefined sugar. I haven’t tasted, but the designers ensure that their chocolate is tasty and reconciles pleasure with health.

Vegan Easter eggs

5 – Chocolate teapot

Made by British company Firebox, this teapot made with 600 g of dark chocolate has several uses. Yes, it serves as teapot, you can add hot water, stir, and drink hot chocolate. Or you may stir further and get a chocolate fondue. Finally, you simply break the product and eat the pieces remaining. That is useful, tasty and ecological, because it is totally edible.

Easter eggs teapot

Happy Easter with lots of Easter eggs and a lot of innovation are Eat Innovation wishes.

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