Sea bread, the seafood flour bread that is healthy and tasty

Sea bread, the seafood flour bread that is healthy and tasty

Bread with a slight taste of sea, healthy, to eat plain or accompanied. This is the proposal of “Sea Bread”, the seafood flour bread created in Portugal.

Researchers from Polytechnical Institute of Leiria, in Portugal, in partnership with a local bakery, have developed a new type of bread with iodine, Omega 3, low levels of fat and no added salt. The formula is kept secret, but the key ingredient they reveal, is the seafood flour.

The choice for this raw material happened due to the large consumption of bivalves in the country. The group ensures that the seafood flour bread retains all the organoleptic characteristics that the consumer demands in addition to the extra health benefits. The product is in the final stages of testing period and is now about to reach the Portuguese market soon.

This is not the first product created with sea ingredients led by researcher Susana Mendes at the Institute, they released more novelties such as the mackerel meatballs and the algae with kefir ice cream, made especially for people with lactose intolerance. ThAlgae Bread was another product developed by the Group that also did quite successfully.

They also have done flavored olive oil with herbs and algae, a seaweed distilled gin (Gin Nautilus), a paté of lapa with medronho (lapa is a shellfish and medronho is a traditional fruit in the country), a burger made of fish by-products -salmon, mackerel, shark and hake- among others. Some of the products have won innovation awards and are still being marketed and there are plans to expand the distribution.

Gin Nautilus

Lapa (left) – Medronhos (right)

Unfortunately the products are sold only in Portugal, but I leave here the suggestion, to anyone who comes to Portugal, you now know which innovative and healthy products to eat, drink and snack.

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