Robots will command your kitchen!

Robots will command your kitchen!

Who haven`t ever dreamed of coming home every day and having dinner ready, fresh and tasty? I’m not talking about mom’s home, but instead, yours. Robots will take care of all the work.

Presented at CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show), the Sereneti Cooki stands out among other robots. Composed of trays for the ingredients, and a robotic arm with spatula, it prepares a meal by himself. The ingredients are added, the robotic arm moves the mixture while cooking at induction oven. The company is already studying partnerships to commercialize the trays with the pre-processed ingredients, making the process even more convenient. To wash the spatula, you may put it in the dishwasher. And of course, all this command by your smartphone.

Sereneti robots

More elaborated is the robot from Moley Robotics. It is a full kitchen, with a pair of robotic arms, oven, shelves and a screen for command that also works at the touch of your smartphone. After selecting the recipe, the robot does all the work as a real chef would do. There’s a selection of recipes on iTunes. To get even better, the kitchen has a front protection screen and the robot do the cleaning in the end. However, the estimated sale price is US$ 75,000. Dreaming is free, so check it here how it works:

Even the restaurants will be automated, in China there is already a robot which prepares Ramen in just 90 seconds. That’s fast food!

If you’re a hands on person, I suggest the kitchen with virtual reality simulator. Developed by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, it allows you to practice your skills before moving on to practice.

Embrace technology. This is innovation making the dream come true!

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