At the Nescafé cafeteria everyone prepares its own coffee. And it works!

At the Nescafé cafeteria everyone prepares its own coffee. And it works!

Forget the expensive coffees of that trendy cafeteria. This one only offers space. The coffee that leads is you, by the way, each one prepares his own coffee. Meet this novelty here.

Nestlé has opened a concept coffee shop in Canada: Nescafé Coffee Taproom. The operation is simple, each client brings their Nescafé coffee packets and prepares their own coffee there. The space has everything an ordinary cafeteria has: comfortable seating, wifi and good music. You may stay as long as you wish.

prepares its own coffee

They provide hot water and the cup written with your name wrong. “Leesaw” (Lisa) and “Raychill” (Rachel), are 50 choices of wrong names in the cups – a satire to the Starbucks, where this happens frequently.

Prepara seu próprio café

Why does the customer go to a place like this?

Because there are no expensive coffees, no queues, no long and complicated menus. To enter you need to show the coffee sachet to the camera on the door that sends a code to your smartphone and releases the entrance. Of course it only works with Nescafé!

Prepara seu próprio café

You need to show coffee to gain access to the space.

The space is part of a Nestlé action in Canada to promote the new Nescafé “Sweet & Creamy”. The intention is to show that although the customer has a good coffee to drink at home, he can still enjoy the atmosphere and experience of the cafeteria.

The cafeteria will be open for a limited time, but they do not rule out taking it to other cities. They even opened a voting session on the brand’s website to assess consumers’ interest in taking the concept to another region.

Prepara seu próprio café

In Japan there is also a similar initiative, in the temporary coffee shop Minedrip each client prepares its own coffee. Nine coffee growers from the country came together to offer this customer experience.

Prepara seu próprio café

The consumer values ​​multi-sensory experiences with brands, this narrows the relationship with the company and generates spontaneous media. Moreover it still attracts consumers who are very specific when customizing their beverage, since they prepare themselves the way they want it, the orders never go wrong.

Would you go to a coffee shop like that?

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