Bug’s life: the way of insects until your stomach

Bug’s life: the way of insects until your stomach

Remember the 3D printer that prints pizza? In the future the all kitchen will have a 3D printer and all people may be fed through it. But what if the protein source of printer cartridges come from insects?

The discussion about use of insects in human nutrition is not new. Some cultures consume it for a long time, in China it is common.  What if something from distant cultures is suddenly right next to us?

Insect cartridges

Cartridges for 3D printers

The world population is increasing and meat production has a high cost to the environment, it’s hard to close your eyes and ignore this reality.

Insects China

Fried cockroach in China

For the brave ones, in Brazil there is an online course that teaches you to cultivate and consume insects. In the course dishes are made with insects or parts of them. In the case of the cartridge to 3D printer, it would be isolated protein powder, i.e. almost a whey protein in beetle version.

If this is not enough to convince you that the food of the future is right here, there are five reasons why you should consume them: they are nutritious; emit fewer gases that traditional species (beef, pork, chicken); is low cost to produce and has higher food conversion index in protein; it will less likely make you sick and, finally, it is everywhere.

Insects in food

If you want a sustainable alternative that doesn’t pass near insect powder, you better hope the “vegetable bacon” is on sale as soon as possible. And be aware the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the United States) allows 60 insect fragments per 100 g of chocolate. It is estimated that each person consumes an average of a pound of insects a year present in processed foods. There is no escape. It is better to think that what the eyes do not see the heart does not feel!

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