Sweating your shirt: innovation and physical exercises

Sweating your shirt: innovation and physical exercises

Practicing physical exercises regularly is important and everybody knows it, but in fact, when it comes to real action we feel so lazy. Because of that some brands went beyond theory and found out innovative ways to convince you to practice.

Gatorade took the opportunity to explain that the consumption of sports drinks should only occur after the practice of exercises. In an action in Canada, they installed a vending machine that only works with sweat. Note: I sincerely hope that they have cleaned the machine between one and another user! Have you thought about rubbing your hand where in the same spot where someone else`s sweaty arm has passed?

It is worth to remember that isotonic beverages are designed to rep minerals lost. Who hasn’t exercised and had not lost minerals should not consume. Excess of minerals is harmful to the body. In addition, these drinks also have carbs, so those who do not want to gain weight have another good reason for not consuming it unnecessarily.

Another very cool action was made by Reebok in South Korea. While viewing a movie in the cinema, they interrupted  the content on the screen and two treadmills in the first row were lit. Then, some people were asked to run on the treadmill. To watch the movie until the end, it was required to be someone running. At the end of the action all participants won a pair of shoes, of course!

Reebok workout

In the field of social innovation, the app of Technogym, sports equipment company, converts physical activity in food donation to the UN World Food Programme. The campaign launched on May 01 at EXPO MILANO 2015 already paid more than 72 000 meals.

App exercises

 Converting extra weight in food to whom it needs the most is great. And you, what are you waiting to exercise right now?

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