Innovation in Easter eggs: the most curious models of the year

Innovation in Easter eggs: the most curious models of the year

Who said Easter is just chocolate? There is a lot of innovation in Easter eggs and here at Eat Innovation we always show the best ones. Come and see!

I also love chocolate and there are so many new things that I have written several posts about innovation in chocolates (check here). Last year I did an article about innovation in Easter eggs and brought the top 5 (see here). Since there we have much more, so come and see the list of this year:

1- Chocolate, bacon and chilli pepper egg

The creation is from Chillicious, a small Scottish chilli-producer company. It may sound weird, but I have to inform you that they sold all units in advance and whoever wants to prove it now has to put the name on the waiting list next year!

Innovation in Easter eggs

2- Ultra-realistic chocolate shoes

This you see in the picture below is not a leather shoe, it is rather a chocolate shoe. 100% chocolate! Directly from L’éclat boutique in Osaka, Japan. The creation of the chef confectioner Motohiro Okai is 26cm and impresses by the wealth of details. Perfection, of course, has its price. In this case, the price is almost $ 260 each. But you must run if you want one, there are only 9 units of each color.

Innovation in Easter eggs

Innovation in Easter eggs

3- Cheaster (Cheese Easter egg)

Not everyone likes Easter egg. Yes, these people are rare, but anyway, if you are one of them, how about proving the “cheaster”? It is an Easter cheese, made of chocolate and cheese. By the way, we already talked about a chocolate cheese in this post here. And to buy you can do here.

Innovation in Easter eggs

4- Amethyst egg

It looks like an amethyst stone, but it’s just chocolate, sugar and dye … and the talent of the confectioners, of course. Two English ateliers made their sweet versions, the Artisan du Chocolat and Kate Weiser (in the photos below, respectively). Kate takes 6 hours to produce each unit of that egg (only 10 of each color is made) and adds a little gold leaf inside it, that’s precious.

5- Chocolate roll-on

Why eat chocolate all at once? Here’s a roll of chocolate, it looks like a deodorant, but it’s to spread chocolate over bread.

Innovation in Easter eggs

You do not need a knife or spatula to spread it, so it’s a good idea for someone who’s too lazy to do the dishes. From the Israeli chocolatier Ornat, it’s on sale here.

So, will you continue with the old chocolate egg or try an innovation in Easter eggs?

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