Health and convenience: they absolute reign in new products

Health and convenience: they absolute reign in new products

Convenient is not enough, it has to be tasty. Tasty is not enough, it must be healthy. Health and convenience, these are the rules in new products. Are you ready for the new times?

The demand for convenience and health is the reality of society today all over the world. Young, old, poor, rich, man or woman, from north to south, whether in Africa or Finland, the consumer demands products that are easier and quicker to prepare and clear without giving up health claims.

Generally speaking, we all have a busy life and have little time and willingness to go to the kitchen. This does not mean you need to eat lasagna and frozen pizza every day, this market has already evolved a lot and at Anuga this trend has been confirmed, there were hundreds of new products with something in common: health and convenience.

Ready to cook meals (Groenlandkip – Netherlands)

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Ready to prepare meal kit (Groenlandkip – Netherlands)











Frozen cookie dough: Simply cut the dough and bring the cookies to the oven. This one has matcha filling. (Van der Pol – Netherlands)

Dishes with quinoa and cauliflower ready to eat. Easy to carry and it comes with cutlery included. (Chef Quinoa – Italy and Kitchen & Love – USA)

Health Health

Products in tubes are also on the rise. They are easy to use and store in the refrigerator. This is a sauce for preparations with fish. (Mills – Norway)



Even eggs can be fried and frozen! (Innovation Foods 360° – Spain)

To close the selection, products for children and that also satisfy adults:

Good4me snacks (Portugal), are already packaged and last up to 25 days thanks to modified atmosphere packaging. Organic tomato sauce for children, Primo Pomodorino (Masseria Raciti – Italy), just warm up for 30 seconds in the microwave oven. 

Health   Health

Want to see more great releases? Coming soon in the next Anuga super series post. I meet you there!

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    SSEI HU 1 month

    Hello, do you know which brand the “GOOD4ME SNACK, PORTUGAL” is?
    I was looking for the product since I saw a picture my collegue took from ANUGA 2017 but I couldn’t get any information about it.
    If you have any information, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

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