Should you keep food stored under lock and key?

Should you keep food stored under lock and key?

What to do when you have to keep your food protected? Click here to see more innovations that will keep your food stored safe and sound – for a good reason, of course!

To attest its authenticity and ensure that the packaging has not been violated, bet on Thinfilm technology that, together with Diageo, producer of Johnnie Walker whisky, created an electronic seal to their bottlesSensors detect whether the pack has been opened and send signals to your smartphone. And of course, the company uses the same technology to communicate with the client and make promotions. And it still serves to parents that do not want to have surprises when drinking whisky and find out that their teenage son drank the content and completed with water.

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Neo is a smart jar which, in addition to storing food, it also monitors nutritional composition, expire date, and even tells you when it’s time to replace the product, that is, whenever someone remove the food, the device accuses! With sensors and Bluetooth technology, it sends alerts to your smartphone and even suggests recipes with the product that is stored in it, without waste. Already on sale here.

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For those tired of throwing away spoiled foods, the “Food protectors” are the heroes of the kitchen. Phresh Organics, startup of Hong Kong, created Food Protectors, small dolls that contains an organic powder responsible for extending freshness of fruits and vegetables. The product is non-toxic, odorless and when it is done, you just refill with a new sachet. It is not clear what is in this powder, but I believe it is some ethylene inhibitor or sequestrant, the gas produced by the fruit that makes them ripe. Some plants are sensitive to ethylene action too.

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If you prefer a more elaborate measure, Food Minder is a luminous sticker alerting you when food is about to expire. The device has 3 lights: green, yellow and red. The green light covers what’s good for consumption, the yellow one, which is about to expire, and it changes to red in the deadline.

To have food stored safely is going to take a lot more than keep it under lock and key!

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