Me and my food: the selfie era

Me and my food: the selfie era

What are the limits of exhibitionism? It is all about “Me”. Meet here innovations for your best food selfie.

Not satisfied with the pictures of themselves, the fans now have an entire apparatus for pictures of their food. These are the dishes with support for the mobile phone.Selfie plateThe initiative of Carmel Winery, in Israel, intends to stimulate wine consumption among young people. The project, called Foodography, was a contest to select meals that harmonise with the wines of the company. The selfie plates were meant to make it easier to share the experience photos on social networks and suddenly became a huge success.

If you prefer to photograph the food even before it is on the plate, you may chose the oven June (we’ve talked about it here). It has computer and wifi, so you can photograph the food with its internal camera. To encourage the photographer in you, Google Maps will automatically identify the food pictures and present relevant sharing tools for Google +. The concept aims to fill the gaps of the Google database of high quality photos of restaurants and bars.

The need to take pictures of ouselves can be seen as an expression of us in the world, an attempt to show our idealized image or a search for external approval, but do we really need a special dish or photographing food before it comes out of the oven? Perhaps the best course of action is to keep your smartphone safe during a meal with this Ikea tablecloth and seize the moment with people surronding us and enjoying food before it gets cold. Right?


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