Edible disposable utensils to eat the plate…literally!

Edible disposable utensils to eat the plate…literally!

France has approved the law that prohibits, from 2020, disposable plastics sales. Have you ever imagine how would the world be like without them? Eat Innovation has! Find out about the edible disposable utensils and much more.

Disposable cups, plates, knives, forks, none of that will go on sale in France soon. Despite the noble intention, the measure faces rejection of the majority of the population that doesn’t want to give up the practicity of the plastic. Only there, disposable cutlery represent more than 30 000 tons of garbage per year. In the United States the production of gases such material are equivalent to a fleet of 1.3 million cars in a year.

The decomposition of each cup of coffee takes up to 100 years and even recycling is not an alternative, because the price is too low. Cooperatives pay less about 5 cents per kilo of cups, so you need to 250 cups to earn so little. Fortunately there are interesting alternatives going on. We showed here the machine to make spoons and you can even buy them ready here.

Edible disposable spoons

Now, in addition to cutleryNaresuan University in Thailand, developed the plate of leaves. Biodegradable bowls made with leaves of thong kwao, sak, typical in the region. The varnish which gives brightness and resistance to the pieces is made of starch. To make things better, it supports hot water and the decomposition does not affect the soil and living organisms.

Edible disposable leaf dish

The Belgian startup Do Eat went beyond and produced more attractive edible disposable plates. Made with a mixture of potato starch and water, the dishes are light and have a neutral taste, that can be used in sweet and savory preparations. The folding is similar to origami and if you prefer to buy the leaves and assemble your own containers, simply soak the parts you want and and the pieces will stick together.

Edible disposable, when are you going to surrender to it?

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