Easier kitchen: this will be your future desire

Easier kitchen: this will be your future desire

Futuristic pan, oven with computer, jelly fridge… Which surprises can kitchen reveal us in the future?

Beginning by the item that frightens so many starters in the kitchen: the pressure panTuppewares latest release is the pressure pan for use in microwave oven. I did not test it because I didn’t buy. Moreover, the suggested retail price is around US$150 (converted by the price in Brazil), what is prohibitive for me at the moment. So, of you have it, please tell in comments how it works.

I`ve read lots of releases about June Oven, the high tech oven with wifi connection and computer, but I didn’t particularly see anything so new, except the fact that it is made to the end user, with no professional cooking background. Other than that, if offers more or less the same functions as the Rational oven, which is already sold to restaurants and industries for years (or for your kitchen, if you have a few thousand to spend). At least it works well for Instagram addicts. It allows you to take food pictures during the cooking process from inside the oven and send to the smartphone. You don’t have to even wait to get to the plate to display it on social networks.

June kitchenRational kitchen

Another innovation with great potential is the fridge made of biopolymer gel, it is four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator. Foods stay within the gel, so there is no need to open and close the door to grab something. Bio robots keep each type of food stored in ideal temperature. It avoids us to forget something on the back of the vegetable`s drawer and just remember that when it’s too late. However this is, unfortunately, only a finalist prototype at Electrolux Design Lab. Who knows when we will have one of these at home?

refrigerator kitchen

Reference: Illusion Scene360

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