Drinking and “undrinking” – alcoholic news

Drinking and “undrinking” – alcoholic news

Imagine feeling the taste of drink in the throat and begin to relax as after some shots of your favourite drink, except for one thing, you’re drinking any.

Is what promises to the London bar Alcoholic Architecture. The feeling that you’re drinking is the same, but innovation occurs on the damp cloud of alcohol and energetic to inhale drinks in the air. Absorbed through the eyes and lungs, alcohol enters the bloodstream quickly without going through the liver.With 60% of the average dose that a person needs to get drunk, the alcoholic cloud provides the same effect. Therefore, it is not allowed to spend more than 50 minutes inside. The bar is seasonal and will only be open until 2016.


In the same way that you can get drunk, now you may be sober in minutes. Thanks to standard techniques developed at the University of California. Enzymes were encapsulated to mimic the process that the human body makes to process the alcohol. The capsules have two types of enzyme, one that produces hydrogen peroxide and the other that breaks down. In a study done with mice, the enzymes acted quickly by reducing the levels of ethanol in blood. And can be used for treatment in cases of alcoholic coma. The success of medicine opens doors for a new class of drugs with encapsulated enzyme. The same group of researchers are already working on other fronts as a remedy to prevent baldness.

It’s tempting to get drunk and sober so easy, but the effects of that in the body in the long run remains unknown. And either the implications to absorb alcohol through the eyes and lungs. In addition, it could also encourage the abuse of liquor consumption, especially among young people, who already tend to exaggerate. On the other hand, anyone could go out drinking with friends and back driving home sober and safe.

When in doubt, when you are drinking without possessing the magic pill, better to stick with the alcoholic cloud bar slogan: “breathe with responsibility”.

drinking with responsibility

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