Digital bartender: the future of your drinks

Digital bartender: the future of your drinks

Can you imagine going to a party and instead of ordering to a professional or a skilled friend, order a drink from “digital bartender “? This is the new reality and your drinks will never be the same.

Bartesian works as a coffee capsules machine, but instead of coffee, it works with capsules of mixtures for drinks. The capsules contain fruit concentrate and other ingredients for the cocktail, while the 4 bottles that are part of the equipment must be filled with gin, rum, vodka and tequila. At the touch of a button you select an option and the Bartesian takes care of the rest.

Bartesian digital bartender

If you want an more elaborated equipment, you may opt for Somabar, a robot to prepare cocktails. This digital bartender prepares drinks in less than 5 seconds, eliminates the use of shakers, spoons and recipes. To offer more convenience, Somabar communicates with your smartphone and through an app you can choose the drink you want and order it from a distance. You only need to fill the lateral containers with alcoholic beverages and fruit syrups. To get an idea of how promising is the gadget, it received $ 300,000, which is more than 6 times the expected value in crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

If your budget is more modest, or you prefer to avoid alcohol, I suggest The Right Cup, glass that allows you to drink water thinking it is soda. The principle is quite simple, the glass emits aromas so your brain believes to be consuming other drinks when in reality it’s just water. The perception of taste is composed not only by the mouth, but also through the nose (when we’re with the stuffy nose we don’t feel the taste of food due to lack of perception of smell), so the trick works. This is an attempt to make consumers drink more water, but without giving up the pleasure of drinking soda. Interestingly, the inventor of this cup, when became diabetic, was instructed to stop drinking sugary drinks, but soon he was bored with the glasses of water. The effect of the scent lasts at least 6 months.

Are you already surrendered to a digital bartender? What’s your favorite option?

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