Have you ever thought to consume camel milk products?

Have you ever thought to consume camel milk products?

Although it seems strange to Westerners, camel milk is very popular in the Middle East. Before twisting your nose, find out about the benefits of this milk that is an excellent substitute for cow’s milk and is also the raw material for amazing products.

Camel milk is extremely nutritious, source of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids. And more: it has half the fat content of cow’s milk. To make it better, it has hypoglycemic effect, being an ally in the treatment of diabetes. It can be consumed by most people who are allergic to cow’s milk. The Bedouin people consume regularly and also use camel fat on the skin as a sunscreen.

camel milk 1

You are wrong if you think that only bedouin benefit from the qualities of this milk. It is found in several products. Camelicious is a Dubai company that produces ice cream with the ingredient. The flavors range from traditional chocolate and strawberry to the new ones like pistachios and cardamom. In addition to ice cream they produce butter, cheese and whey protein.

camel milk 2

camel milk 2

Another company from Duba Al Nassma, is specialized in chocolates. Its name means “a breeze that flows through the heat of the desert” and that’s the point of Al Nassma, be a breeze of youthness, innovation and well-being. The product can be found in bars, little squares and camel-shaped, of course.

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Products made with camel milk have gained popularity in the market as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk. However, it’s not just in foods that the ingredient has made success, in cosmetics industry it is increasingly present. Camelicious has the Camellure line of shampoos inspired by the beauty ritual Cleopatra used to have and promises to leave hair smooth promoting its healthy growth.

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When will these products reach us? It is still unknown, but our bodies will love it … and our hair too!

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