Chocolate cheese: to prove or not to prove?

Chocolate cheese: to prove or not to prove?

Coming from Australia, chocolate cheese has divided opinions. On the other hand, who loved the idea and on the other, those who hated it. Find out about more this innovation. And you, where do you stand?

After the success of the coffee cheese (we speak about here, take a look!), developed in Denmark, the new sensation is the chocolate cheese. Curds & Whey, small business, barely released the cheese named Choco 21 and the stock is already sold out in their box at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia. It is a blue cheese fermented with chocolate liqueur, sprinkled with cocoa powder and topped with chocolate chips.

chocolate cheese 2

They ensure that they will produce more batches of long-awaited product in the next few weeks. And, despite all the media spotlight, this chocolate cheese is not exactly new in the world, in Italy it’s appreciated for a long time. While awaiting the new batch, customers can prove their other productions like cheese with wine and cranberries as you can see in the picture below.

chocolate cheese 3

In Brazil there is also an entrepreneur who developed a new version of the so famous combination known as “Romeo and Juliet” of guava jam with minas cheese. The cheese is already stuffed, each slice is perfect for consumption. Beyond the traditional version with guava, the company Queijos Triunfo also makes cheese stuffed with hazelnut cream (read Nutella), dulce de leche and salty version such as cream cheese and olives or arugula and olive oil.

chocolate cheese 4

Chocolate is good, cheese is awesome. Why not place them togheter? One thing is certain, the combinations are endless. So, forget your prejudice, take the risk, make a try, create your new flavors and tell me all about your adventure in the comments.

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