Bread beer – innovation in a sustainable beverage

Bread beer – innovation in a sustainable beverage

Speaking about food waste who reminds bread? 24 million slices in the trash daily in the United Kingdom. And that’s where comes the bread beer, a promising food innovation you’ll meet here.

Toast Ale is a bread beer. Yes, it is made with bread that would be discarded by bakeries and markets. Tristam Stuart, its creator, is an active militant against food waste. He joined Hackney Brewery to turn the audacious plan into a reality.

The system is simple and effective: the bread is sliced, toasted and then crumbled. The crumbs are then used in fermentation. In the production of each bottle they use 1 slice of bread. The rest of the process is similar to that of common beers. Each bottle of 300 ml costs £3 here. All sales profits are donated to Feedback, an organization to fight against food waste. And even better, the group intends to form a community of homemade bread beer producers in the world, for that they give the recipe for those who want to make their own beer, register bakeries interested in donating bread surplus and assists breweries to raise funds for the production of bread beer (breweries, bakeries and other interested parts, may write directly to them at

Only half the waste occurs in our homes, the rest is discarded before reaching the consumer. In some cases companies donate to charity, then Toast Ale ensures to use only the surplus that will not be donated, in order not to compromise the institutions.

It is vital that each of us do our part in combating waste and buy only what you will eat. Be creative and use more stale bread in your recipes. And now, drink more beer!

NOTE: Download the manual Toast Homebrew Recipe – Essentials and start your own production.

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