Beer and artificial intelligence: great combination

Beer and artificial intelligence: great combination

A beer that gets better and better, is it possible? That’s what promises the IntelligentX AI Beer. The first beer made by artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize your happy hour. Meet this here.

Several companies are improving the use of artificial intelligence in their operations, but few have achieved results as encouraging. Just remember the experience of Microsoft in early 2016 with Tay, teenager profile on Twitter made by artificial intelligence developed her skills by interacting with people. In less than 24 hours she was publishing hate messages and became a racist and a Nazi. Google is also using it, among other things, to learn how to give us better results in the website search.  The news now is the use of this technology applied to things that we can touch and taste. How about a beer?

This was the idea of innovation consulting 10 x and the experts in machine learning of Intelligent Layer, of London. They shared the same co-working space and between a beer and another, designed the plan. After a year of work IntelligentX AI Beer, a line of beers made with artificial intelligence. Instead of a single formula, the machine learns and improves it constantly.

artificial intelligence beer 2

Learning happens when consumers drink the beer. Each bottle has an access code to Facebook and the customer is invited to give feedback on the product. The software asks about tastes and beer characteristics. Machine changes the formula, but human judgement is still essential to discard bad formulas.

artificial intelligence beer 3

To make it simple, this interaction is the same process that occurs today in sensory analysis with focus group and statistical analysis of results in research and product development. But this is automated and learning cycles are much faster. The biggest danger is in how to incorporate all these feedback. Is it possible to maintain unique features or soon we will have a standard beer that more or less please everybody?

The beers are sold in pubs in London. And the companies ‘ plans involve applying the same technology to other products such as chocolates, perfumes and coffees. Is this the future of product development? Talking about the risk of men`s replacement by computers, I believe in computers to improve human skills rather than compete with them. There will always be room for the craft beer, but why not surrender to a computerized beer at the next meeting with friends? It will certainly yield good discussions on the table in the bar.

artificial intelligence beer 4

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