Aquafaba Mayo: new vegetarian delight

Have you tried the aquafaba mayo? You have no idea what it is? Then come here now meet another innovative product at Eat Innovation.

Vegetarianism is more in vogue than ever. Even those who do not give up eating meat cares cares about consuming smaller amounts and diversifying diet. We’ve talked here about the insect-based products, which are among the most sustainable animal protein sources that exist. However, the resistance of the people against eating the bugs is still too big. There is now a new sustainable line, free from animal raw material: aquafaba mayo.

aquafaba mayo 2

Making mayonnaise without eggs is a challenge, because its combination of water and proteins is very hard to copy. Get in the aquafaba, which is nothing but cooking water of chickpeas. In 2015 Goose Wohlt, North American engineer, was looking for a way to prepare vegan meringues without eggs. After many attempts of mixing proteins, starches and vegetable gums, he heard about the water resulting from the cooking of chickpea and decided to test it. That was the missing ingredient. He then named it as aquafaba, the junction of water + bean names in Latin.

aquafaba mayo

Aquafaba meringue X meringue of egg whites

Since then the discovery became a hit, the viscous mixture of protein and starch holds perfectly air bubbles, resulting in a firm foam. And now Sir Kensington’s, New Yorker condiments manufacturer introduced the first commercial product with the ingredient, the aquafaba mayo or just Fabanaise.

Fabanaise uses the leftovers of another industry to make their mayonnaise: hummus. The Arabian plate is widely consumed in the country and uses only the boiled chickpeas, discarding the water. What was waste became a highly valued ingredient. This is the real reason to innovate: create value for the society, industry and the environment.

Aquafaba mayo 3


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