Watermelon seeds: healthy and innovative ingredient

Watermelon seeds: healthy and innovative ingredient

Do you know that watermelon seeds are highly nutritious? You don’t know what you’re missing if you throw them away. Or rather, you didn’t know, cause here we show you amazing innovations with this unusual ingredient.

Everyone loves to eat watermelon, this is nothing new. What few people know, however, is that watermelon seeds are also healthy. They have fiber, protein, fats, zinc and magnesium. They also help to regulate the cholesterol in the blood. Is ideal to eat them after oven-dry, especially the white seeds.


To those who seek convenience, several brands have created products with the seeds. The company Go Raw with the bars made of the ingredient. Each bar has 12 g of protein.


You can also purchase them pure or salted and seasoned to add breads, salads, yogurts and where else you want, the variety of uses is the same as other seeds such as pumpkin, for example.



But the most curious is the butter. Yes, a vegetable oil, to spread on the bread, like peanut butter, only made of watermelon seeds.


For those who want to go beyond the palate, the powerful seeds have antioxidant power and they are the raw material of oils and other moisturizers and cosmetics “anti-age“. Note: I used the term “anti-aging” because I don’t know any other more appropriate, but how can something be against the age? Aging is not a sin! Let’s say these are oils that improve skin health. There’s even sun tanning oil.


Finally, of course, we could not miss the big star, the fruit. The English startup Sakara, the same who produces the butter above, has also created a snack of watermelon yerky, great for fast bites or to add in recipes.

Watermelon seeds

Who knew that this fruit has so many richeness beyond its refreshing flavor? Now you know, eat watermelon seeds too!

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