Water crisis – how to cease the drought effects?

Water crisis – how to cease the drought effects?

How to cease the effects of the drought? Contrary to common sense, the solution can be simple, inexpensive and very creative.

California is suffering the worst drought of the past 1200 years in the state history. To contain the water evaporation of its reservoirs, the city of Los Angeles bought almost 100 million black plastic balls (shade balls). Costing 36 cents each, the purchase accounts for more than 34 million dollars. Although seemingly expensive, the investment is expected to present a pay back soon.

drought balls

The balls keep the water colder. It also make the tank less susceptible to algae growth, proliferation of bacteria and chemical reactions that can produce toxic substances. And of course, it will save more than 300 million gallons of water per year, Other saving is the 250 million dollars in water treatment that would be used by conventional means in the reservoirs.

Made of polyethylene, the shade balls are filled with water so that they are not swept away by the wind. A layer of ultraviolet resistant coating complete the solution. It is estimated that the balls will last 10 years and then can be recycled.

drought tank

Meanwhile in Brazil, there is no sign of any initiatives in the Cantareira system (water reservoire of the São Paulo city, facing one of its biggest water crisis). Unfortunately, the drought in São Paulo tends to become a routine.

What about you, what are you doing to save water?

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