Tomatoes olive oil and other news

Tomatoes olive oil and other news

Tomatoes are raw materials of delicious products like ketchup and gravy and everyone knows it. That is to star in popular festivals such as “La Tomatina“, famous “war” in Spain, too. The news are that it is now a base for other unusual products.

La Tomatina Tomatoes

Can you imagine your golden-yellow olive oil suddenly become red? This is possible with the tomatoes olive oil. He is also made with olives, but those are no longer the rule in Red Olive. The pioneer product has already been patented and combines the benefits of traditional olive oil with tomatoes, in other words, an extra dose of lycopene to the consumer. Lycopene has anti-oxidant action, prevents prostate cancer and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. That is, all good for your health.

Red Olive Balls

Also made with tomatoes is a box developed by Dutch company Solidus SolutionsUsing leftover tomatoes as a raw material for the cardboard boxes, these are then used to transport the healthy fruits. Is fully recyclable and contributes to the use and reduction of waste. For manufacturing it they use mostly stems, and leaves, whose large amounts have no use for the producer and neither to the client. This residue is chopped, grounded and the fibers are then extracted and mixed with fibers of recycled paper to make the box.

Box Balls

The fibers appear inside the box on purpose so that the consumer can see them. The boxes can carry up to 5 kilos and can be recycled up to 7 times. For the future, the plans of the company include recycling leaves of cucumber and green pepper.

Mmm just delicious news about a delicious and versatile fruit!

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