French fries? The snacks segment evolved a lot more than this!

French fries? The snacks segment evolved a lot more than this!

Anyone who thinks that snacks are for children is wrong. Plus, forget the fries, the snacks have a lot more to offer. This segment does not stop growing and of course, innovate.

It was a long time ago when eating a snack meant buying a packet of fries when there was no better option. This market is much more evolved than that. Even the salty snacks are no longer simply those extruded from corn that looked more like flavored styrofoam and potato chips. At Anuga the offer of new salty snacks was huge.

The increase in the consumption of snacks is mainly due to the millennial generation. Young people today replace more meals by snacks and feel more comfortable eating alone than previous generations. They are looking for options that combine low cost, health and convenience (another trend that is driving product development, we talk about it here). Consumption in this category is expected to grow 12% by 2024, even this phenomenon is already known as ”snackfication”.

Let’s go to what matters, what’s new?


They look pretty!


Starting with the chips, yes, they are still in the game, but in new clothes. New flavors, new packaging and even new potatoes. We showed the blue potato chips and also the “fail chips“, which was just a concept made for an advertisement, but the “ugly chips” actually exist Dieffenbach Chips Uglies are made with potatoes that have been rejected due to aesthetic issues (there are more interesting designs with ugly fruits and vegetables here!), But they are still viable for consumption.



Spanish Pafritas flavored black truffles have figured in the Anuga Taste Innovation Show.


There are only potatoes?

Of course not, how about avocado chips? I tasted it and enjoyed it!

Avocado chips Temole. For sale here.

Rice and beans chip:

Thai Rice & Beans – Chef Martez. For sale here

If you do not give up the extruded puff snacks, you can opt for a chickpea feat:

Chickpea puffs Hippeas.

On sale: Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs, Vegan White Cheddar (Pack of 24)

Tofu Crisp, from Tofusan

And to close this gallery, nothing better than a sweeter option, coconut chia crisps:

On sale here: Ape Snacks Crunchy Coconut Bites with Chia Seeds 30g (Pack of 10)

Do you know any different snacks? Share on the comments!

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