Packaging so amazing that could be products!

Packaging so amazing that could be products!

In the era of disposable things, many packaging will have the same destiny: trash can. Not anymore.

A company is responsible not only for the product, but also for the packaging and its life “after death”. There is a field of study for that, is called life cycle assessment. A washing machine, for example, the impact is measured not just in the production, transport and disposal of the machine when it is obsolete, but also the impact generated by years of washing clothes, the soapy water that goes down the drain every week.

But what if the packaging could be products themselves?

It is not new that major brands have joined innovation and packaging to interact with the public. In 2011 the Starbucks had already created a Christmas Cup with augmented reality. Is beautiful and interactive, but still disposable.

Glass packaging

KFC developed a fried chicken bucket with a built-in photo printer. The bucket-camera was part of their 60 years operation celebration. It is interesting because the printer works via bluetooth to interact with smartphones. It’s like the old Polaroids, only in high tech garb. The company has not yet said whether it will commercialize temporarily or not the product. I also couldn’t find info on how to remove the printer to wash the bucket.

Photo packaging

Pizza Hut innovated by launching a pizza box that turns into a movie projector. The pizzas usually come with a small plastic tripod so that the pizza does not touch the lid of the box. This tripod started to come with a lens attached. This must be entered on the side of the box with the smartphone to project the movie. If the user does not have Netflix account, the boxes also feature a QR code that for you to download a movie for free. This action, unfortunately only occurred in Hong Kong.

As much as it had been punctual actions, it is already signaling a trend for the future. They are opportunities for closer relations with the consumer in times of excess information and advertisement. Do you know any other example of these? Tell us!

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