Mushrooms: infinite source of innovation

Mushrooms: infinite source of innovation

Far beyond the funghi, shimeji and shiitake, mushrooms are the highlights of innovation inside and outside the food industry, and no, it has nothing to do with drugs.

The mushroom that eats plastic

A group of Yale students found on Amazon the Pestalotiopsis microspora, fungus that eat plastic. Oddly enough, the fungus can be used in landfills and accelerate the decomposition of waste. This is especially useful in the treatment of polyurethane, which cannot be melted and mixed with other plastics, making recycling difficult. Polyurethane is present in many everyday products, from your refrigerator to the bottom of your shoe. Are the mushrooms are the solution to the garbage problem in the world?

mushrooms eat plastic

Mushroom printer

Again the 3D printers bring us good surprises. We had talked about food printers here before, but this one has a unique feature: it prints live foods. The creation of the designer Chloe Rutzerveld prints multiple layers of a support structure made with edible seeds, spores and yeast. In 5 days it is ready to eat. Healthy and super fresh.

Mushroom-shaped pole

Eco Mushroom is a device that purifies polluted air. The mushroom has the structure of a pole that lights up the street and absorbs carbon dioxide. The system works with solar power and generates alerts about its operation and maintenance. Beautiful and sustainable.

Eco-mushroom mushrooms Eco-mushroom mushrooms

Are you already convinced and want to grow your own mushrooms?

Mushgarden, Brazilian startup, has developed a kit for you to grow your own mushrooms at home. Very practical and easy to use. Follow the instructions: without removing the content from the box, drill one or two points. Spray water at the points open, at least twice a day. The mushrooms will be born within one to three weeks. For a new harvest, repeat steps punching new points of the box. After the last harvest, open the box and distribute the contents of the bag in your garden because it is an organic compound to the plants.

mushgarden mushrooms

Do you know other innovations? Please share it here!

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