The most unusual equipments for your kitchen

The most unusual equipments for your kitchen

What’s your dream kitchen? With robots? State-of-the-art equipment? We present here the most unusual machines for your kitchen. Would you buy?

1 – Banana hole-making machine

The DestapaBanana is an Argentine company dedicated to selling the machine whose only function is to make holes in bananasRemoving the fruit center, opens space to insert the fillings, such as chocolate or peanut butter. The complete kit contains a machine and two packages of fillings for about $ 25. Is no doubt a tasty invention and a good choice for lazy people.

Unusual banana machines

2 – Vegetable “milk” maker

Vegetable “milks” consumption increased for several reasons: media popularity, lactose intolerance, vegetarianism, diets or just curiosity. It is worth remembering that despite the similar appearance, they are not technically milks, because only drinks derived from mammals are milks. For whichever reason, there are many options of ingredients prepare these drinks. The most common industrialized is soy milk, but the consumption of homemade versions is growing. That’s whats Soyabella is for. Almond milk is ready in 30 seconds. Despite the price $ 100, it’s unfair to say that the equipment is only meant for that, because it can be also used to make baby food. Buu it here: 

Tribest Soyabella SB-130 Soymilk and Nut Milk Maker, Stainless Steel

3 – Machine to make edible spoons

Similar to a sandwich maker, this machine serves only to prepare edible spoonsIn just 3 minutes it cooks the dough of your choice, that can be sweet or salty. Imagine having a chocolate spoon to eat yogurt and cheese spoon for a soup? It is now possible. And, of course, is environmentally sustainable, because it does not generate waste or dishes to wash. The campaign to raise funds is on Kickstarter. Will we have a version for edible dishes too?

Unusual edible spoons machines

4 – Squared egg maker

Althoug it is strange, the whole point of having squared eggs is simply to be able to fit their slices to perfection in a sandwich or just don’t have the food rolling on your plate while you try to cut it. For this there is a molder on sale here: Yellow Egg Cuber Cutting Tool.Cook the egg and peel it normally, place it on the machine and wait for a few minutes. Voilà, here’s a squared egg.

5 – Butter sprayer machine

This gadget just melts butter. You can spread it over the bread, the popcorn or wherever you want to. Biem Butter Sprayer is simple and convenient, melts the butter to be used in spray form while common sprays need liquid products to work and are disposable. You can buy yours on Kickstarter campaign for $ 99.

unusual butter spray machines

Do you know more unusual gadgets? Tell us in the comments!

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