Airline innovates and create a menu to make passengers happy

Swollen feet, jet lag, pressure in the ears… these are an uncomfortable part of a plane trip. An airline decided to face the problem by creating a menu to keep passengers happy.

Air travel often has unpleasant effects on passengers such as body swelling, reduced taste perception, increased pressure in the ears. All this cause discomfort and even bad temper. Airlines are aware of this and some are already looking for ways to lessen these effects.

Qatar Airways has developed a beer especially to be savored at 35,000 feet of altitude (in this post here). Now it is the turn of Monarch, British company, to invest in passenger welfare.

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After a study sponsored by the company, they understood that one of the most critical points of the flight is food. To improve the flight experience they have invested in food. The menu ‘Monarch Mood Food‘ was developed by chefs of molecular cuisine in conjunction with a food psychologist, Professor Charles Spence of the University of Oxford.

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Dishes include food to boost the immune system, promote relaxation and well-being. Before the flight passengers receive echinacea and licorice ice cream and during the flight, green tea and lavender cakes, which help lessen the effects of jet lag.

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At 30 minutes of flight it is the time for herbal tea with seaweed, fennel seeds and camomile to reduce swelling; and a wafer with seaweed, which have umami flavor and arouses the taste buds, which are generally inhibited by reduced pressure of the cabin and the dry air of the airplane.

To finish, before the landing, energizing bars with salted caramelized walnuts.

Menu to make passengers happy 4


Monarch is not the only one to invest in the marketing of kindness, Air France developed a chewing gum to ease the pressure in the ears during the flight.

La Gomme à Mâcher‘ comes in traditional French flavors such as pistachio and crème brûlèe macaroons. The offer of the product is still limited, but will soon be distributed on all flights of the company.


Initiatives like these enhance the customer experience and show the importance of providing passenger comfort even in low-cost airlines such as Monarch or on short-haul flights. What is still to come?


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