Cook your meal  in the washing machine – yes, that’s right!

Cook your meal in the washing machine – yes, that’s right!

Imagine you are coming home and throwing a packet of food in the washing machine. Yes, you read it right, it’s not in the microwave, it’s in the washing machine. Meet here a line of products specially made for this.

After the movement that cooks food in the dishwasher, the line of products made especially for the washing machine has arrived. While the first is more informal, with recipients sharing revenue, the latter is industrialized and ready to play in the middle of dirty clothes.

Meal in the washing machine


Calm down, how to cook in the dishwasher?

It’s simple, just put all the ingredients of the preparation in a well capped glass jar and put it in the machine next to the other dishes. Choose a washing cycle with hot water, of course. Lisa Casali, an Italian chef, wrote the first book on the subject, “Cucinare in Lavastoviglie” (cooking in the dishwasher, in English).

Meal in the washing machine

Meal in the washing machine

Meal made in the dishwasher

It looks practical and is similar to the sous-vide cooking technique, but it is difficult to ensure that the inside of the pots reaches a safe temperature, especially if you are preparing fish, eggs or meat products. Already in the sous-vide there is a thermostat and time and temperature control, the operation is much safer.

Shall we go to the washing machine?

The Israeli startup Sous La Vie produces a line of meals for washing machine preparation. Its creator, the design student, Iftach Gazit, has developed the products in a course discipline. The inspiration was also the technique of sous vide cooking.

The vacuum packs are sealed, suitable for contact with hot water and are soap-proof. Each package contains a different meal with instructions of which washing program to select for the best preparation.

Meal in the washing machine
The target audience for the project is the homeless population, which uses laundromats to wash clothes, fill bottles with water, carry cell phones and even escape the cold. They will now have an affordable and tasty food option. There may also be a demand for people who live alone, who have little time to cook and rest and those who are looking to have their dinner prepared while washing and cleaning the house, for example.
Meal in the washing machine

In the words of the student:

“I think, as designers, that we have a duty to take a stand on these political issues.”

Yes Gazit, this is a duty of all of us who work with food. Eating is also a political act. And why not take the time to prepare food in the washing machine?

Meal in the washing machine

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