Machines that are much more than “vending”

Machines that are much more than “vending”

Vending machines are common, in any subway station or park there’s one. What if these machines did more than deliver a drink?

I confess that my curiosity has increased after I used one of them in China. At subway stations there are orange juice machines, with oranges freshly cut and squeezed, such as a kiosk of juice, but in the self-service version. I couldn’t resist and took a photo.

Orange juice machines

We talked about the vending machine that only works with sweat. There are also models that receive objects instead of money (or sweat!). This is the case in Turkey, this vending (pictured below) receives recyclable packaging and in exchange releases water and animal feed.

Recyclable machines and feed

In Australia, there are machines which, in order to encourage citizens to recycling, it exchange cans and bottles for movie tickets, bus tickets, food vouchers and donation to clean the city. It is interesting, it does more than announce the need of recycling, there is a positive reinforcement in attitude, it creates a real incentive.

With a goal less noble, but very important, there are vending machines that are real restaurants. Let’s Pizza makes pizzas in just 3 minutes. The client chooses the cover, the pizza is assembled, baked and it is ready to be consumed.

Pizza machine

If you prefer fresh options, you may also purchase live lobsters. Maybe it’s a bit extreme, but  sure to bring a fresh ingredient for dinner. In China (again!) you can take even a fresh frog for dinner (I apologize for the bad quality of the image, but the picture was taken through the glass of the supermarket aquarium) and in the background are the snakes.

Lobster machines

Frogs machines

Have you ever seen different one? Tell us in the comments!

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