Luxury marijuana: rising segment in the food world

Luxury marijuana: rising segment in the food world

Cannabis has been recognized as a medicinal plant in Brazil only now, but it is already a strong market in several countries. It is such a promising segment that the focus now is on the premium products. Will we have luxury marijuana as a designer item?

Last year I wrote about the marijuana food segment (a long discussion, and you can read it here). At that time the prejudice was even greater, but 30 countries had already decriminalized its use. Some of the most recent are US states. And as I said in the post, the more countries legalize it, the more others tend to follow the same path and as expected, Brazil took its first step.

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Muffins Mary & Juana – Absinth

Anvisa (Brazilian National Sanitary Surveillance Agency) included Cannabis Sativa L. in its list of Common Brazilian Denomination. This means that this is a recognized substance in the country. The cultivation and unauthorized use is still illegal, but there are already derived medicines.

As the marijuana and derivatives market is already quite full, the trend is differentiation. That’s where luxury marijuana comes in. Capsules for coffee machines, candies, sprays, and even selected strains of marijuana wrapped in gold foil to make cannabis more socially acceptable. The sleek design accompanies not to disassociate from the pockets of a designer suit.

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Pastilles Beboe

Some chefs specialize in cannabis infusion dishes for clients suffering from cancer, migraines and menstrual cramps. And there are clubs for selected clients and premium subscription services just like wine clubs do. By the way, wine with cannabis is also another high end product available.

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Beverly Hills Cannabis Club: marijuana strains wrapped in gold leaves and Signature Service Au Box: high end products

For those who prefer to listen to a specialist, there is already a “cannabis somelier” and luxury boutiques to market the products. The Oregon Live newspaper also announced a job vacancy for a “cannabis professional” to test products and write reviews on the subject.

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Silverpeak Apothecary: luxury boutique

The market numbers are promising, billing projections are $ 21.8 billion worldwide by 2020. The premium segment wants move away with the stigma of the lazy user without attitude. What do you think about it?

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