Latest trend now is sniffing powder … cocoa powder

Latest trend now is sniffing powder … cocoa powder

Human creativity has no limits when it comes to discovering new pleasures. The new fashion now is smelling powder, but it’s not drugs, is cocoa powder. That’s right, that you mix to milk.

Inhale food is not new, we’ve talked here and here about it before, but the purpose here is different. The Willy Wonka of modern times is the Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone, from The Chocolate Line, which created a small kit for those who want to sniff cocoa powder. The product itself, was developed by him especially for a party of the Roling Stones in 2007 and he never imagined the success that it would achieve. He has sold more than 20,000 units.Snorting cocoa powder

His inspiration was an object that his grandfather used to propel tobacco snuff up his nose. The device is a chocolate shooter that throws small bumps of cocoa powder in the nostrils. For this he uses a mix of cocoa from the Dominican Republic or from Peru with mint and ginger or raspberry.

In addition to this, Persoone has other innovation on his résumé, he has developed bacon, onions, oysters and even grass-flavoured chocolate.

The complete package is sold for 45 euros and is already being exported to several countries. The inthusiasts claim that does not cause addiction and the designer ensures the product is safe and that his idea is not to make apology to drugs, but rather promote a fun way to enjoy chocolate.

He also says that the sense of euphoria is similar to what you feel after an orgasm and that is nothing like the “drug breeze”. However, the effects of this practice are unkown and there is no research on the impact that this may cause in the nose and lungs. In addition, sniffing mint or ginger can increase mucus production, cause nasal congestion and and be especially dangerous for those who have asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Snorting cocoa powder 3

Some fans are testing alternatives such as sniffing basil powder before eating tomatoes with mozzarella. While we do are not sure of the its effects, we better consume cocoa powder in a delicious brigadeiro. Isn’t it?


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