Kombucha: the famous probiotic that has gained new products

Kombucha: the famous probiotic that has gained new products

Kombucha is the bet of several drink startups this year. The fermented tea is old, but it came back with everything and conquered a legion of fans … and new products!

Kombucha is a lightly alcoholic fermented tea (up to 0.5% alcohol) of Chinese origin. The functional beverage is produced with black or green tea and an acid (usually vinegar). The result is a sweet and sour drink with fermented flavor and rich in bacteria that contribute to the smooth functioning of the intestinal flora.

We speak for the first time on this subject when we show the fabric made of kombucha in the series Dress up Food (here) with a recipe to make yours.

roupa kombucha

When I was at Anuga in 2009, the last time I went before visiting this year, there was nothing like this, it was a drink totally restricted to Asian countries. This time it was different, in addition to other fermented ones like kimchi and kefir, the kombucha positioned with diverse flavors and in new products. Lets go to what matters most:


From the American startup Dr. Hops. The company launched the product in a successful crowdunding campaign and now invests in expanding its consumer market.

Exotic flavors

The Portuguese Captain Kombucha was present in the Anuga with flavors like coconut and cayenne pepper, the American Health-Ade invested in Peruvian maca with red fruits, spirulina with camu camu, among others. On Sale here: Health-Ade, Variety Pack Kombucha, 12 – 16 oz bottles

kombucha sailor


Maple syrup

Another novelty coming straight from Anuga, the maple syrup with kombucha is from the Canadian LB Maple Treat. The sweet taste of maple syrup becomes a bit more sour and very flavorful, this one I tasted and enjoyed!




Revive Kombucha makes your drink with coffee and other flavors including … cucumber! Yes, the taste of the year 2017, we talk about it here.



Prefer to start your own cultivation? There is a kit for this, on sale here: GetKombucha Kombucha Kit PLUS Organic Starter Tea For Brewing Healthy, Delicious, DIY Kombucha Tea Right From Home + 19¢ /Serving vs $5 Store Bottles. Improve Digestion With Homemade Probiotics!

Have you tried it?

References: NPR

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