Knife: the 3 most creative models of the moment

Knife: the 3 most creative models of the moment

Do you think that a knife serves only to cut? Check Eat Innovation selection with the most creative ones and review your concepts.

1-Smart Knife

The knife of the future provides information on the presence of pathogens, pesticides and also nutritional composition and freshness of food due to the sensor located on the end of the device. In addition to data, the tool emits ions to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent oxidation in food and still calculate the perfect angle to cut different products. And all this is done by voice command and a touch screen on the surface of the blade while you use it. Unfortunately this is still just a prototype presented in Electrolux Design Lab.

Knife tools

2- Forever sharp knife

This is much simpler than that of the previous topic, but not less intelligent. With the blade of titanium, it is 300 times stronger than a standard knife made of steel and 5 times more resistant than the pottery ones. This means you have to sharpen it at every 25 years of use. The design is outstanding, with black blade and distinctive format, which makes it even more appealing. It can be purchased on this website for up to $ 138 each. The price is high, but the economy when using the same tool for so many years without any maintenance worth the investment, right?

knife sharp utensil

3- Knife that cut and toast bread

Forget about cutting bread, putting in the toaster, waiting, trying to butter and leaving it in cold pieces over the slice. The British inventor Colin Furze has created a model that toasts bread while cutting it. And after toasting, you just need to spread the butter that is melted by the knife. It`s a pity that no company has taken this super creative invention to the market yet. Here’s how it works:

Did you like the knives of the future? Do you know any model that is not on this list? Please share it in the comments!

References: Gizmodo

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