The kitchen tools that will conquer you now

The kitchen tools that will conquer you now

After the most creative knives, it is time for other cooking tools to be in the spotlight. See the 4 most interesting ones now.

1- Spatula that moves by itself

RoboStir is one of the typical tools of those infomercials on tv, a spatula to stir the food in the pot by itself. The video is weird and obtained millions of views on the internet. Sounds too good to be true and it is. The Consumer Reports website bought and tested the tool. The bottom line is that it works only in light liquids, i.e. no move the bechamel with it. To make matters worse, in the instructions it is said that the product should not be left unnatended when in use, so what is the sense of having it if you need to be there all time?

2- Fork that releases aroma

Aromafork at first sight is a common fork, but by simple touching of a button it releases aromas, raising your dining experience to a higher level. As the taste is closely connected to the aroma, the release of different odours on meal changes our perception of taste. We all know how eating without perceiving  smells is like, is the same sensation when you have a flu, it seems that that food is tasteless, when in fact the problem is in our nose. Molecule-R, company responsible for the Aromafork, sells the fork, spoon and the aromas. Are 21 different flavours such as raspberry, truffle and even chewing gum, which can also be mixed together, creating even more possibilities.

Fork tools aroma drops

3- Chopsticks for food safety

One of the greatest fears of the people while eating is ingesting contaminated food. Baidu, Chinese company presented a solution: Smart hashis. The “strings” allow you to identify the source of the oil and water contained in food, warning the consumer through a light at the top of the device. It is said that with those chopsticks will be possible to determine even the calories of the meal. The data is sent to an application for smartphone. They have not announced the sales price. According to the company these chopsticks are not ready for mass production yet.

chop sticks and toolschina tableware chopsticks

4- Cutlery for patients with shaky hands

Liftware, American startup bought by Google, developed a tool for patients with hand tremors. It consists of two parts: the stabilizer and utensils. It only work when both parts are connected. Here’s how it works:

Your meals will never be the same again with this dining tools!

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