You do not know the difference between innovation and creativity and are ashamed to ask? Have you ever heard of crowdfunding, blockchain, disruptive innovation, but is not sure what it’s all about?

These terms may even confuse you, but the INNOVATION DICTIONARY is here, to be your point of consultation fast and uncomplicated to stay aware of the new vocabulary.

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What it is: Pervasive computing aims to integrate computing with people’s actions and natural behaviors.
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What it is: a neologism that unifies the words global + local. Means the adaptation of international products around the particularities of a local culture in which they are sold.
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What it is: It is a plastic that has the same properties as ordinary plastic, but differs from raw materials in its composition such as cane fiber, corn starch, bacteria, fruit peels and so on.
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What it is: The pitch is a brief presentation of a business or project to spark the interest of the other party. Very used by startups to solicit investors or customers. The pitch has to be short, clear and tell you what the opportunity, the market, the solution, the differential and what you are looking for at the moment.
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