High tech or ecological: what will be your fridge?

High tech or ecological: what will be your fridge?

The fridge of the future will be high-tech or ecological? The choice is yours!

The new refrigerators are quite different from the conventional models. There are options for all tastes and they do a lot more than just keep food chilled.

Verdant-ecological refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator to store not only food purchased, but also planted. And I’m not talking about harvest and store, but to keep vegetables on the ground. This is the Verdant-Refrigerator, conceptual model presented at Yanko Design. And just because it is ecological it does not mean it old fashioned. In addition to storage spaces, there is an integrated greenhouse and hooks for the food harvested. There is also a panel with interactive computer to help reduce the expense of electricity and food waste.  Mushrooms, spices and small vegetables can grow in adequate brightness and temperature and humidity control, everything fresh.

The fridge closedeco fridge

Internal view fridge Fridge hooks

Family Hub-the fridge smart

With a focus on convenience, it does everything from shopping lists to dinner recipes suggestion. Presented at the event CES 2016Samsung refrigerator promises to “reconnect the family”.  Through a touch screen at the door, the fridge manages the stored food, orders purchase at the supermarket (which delivers the purchase in your home), and also provides entertainment. With wifi, it communicates with other connected devices, including your tv and your smartphone. It transmits your nicest musics and tv series.

Family Hub has cameras on the inside to monitor its content. Every time the doors are closed, new pictures are taken. To find out what is there and not to over buy, you can access Samsung app and view the photos, or let it order your purchases by itself. By 5000 dollars (approximately 20000 dollars) it will be available this year.

What’s your choice?

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