Hello, this is Eat Innovation

Hello, this is Eat Innovation

Hello, first of all, you have to know that this blog is mine, is yours and is ours.

I created this blog to match two of my biggest interests: innovation and food. At first I thought that creating a blog to talk about subjects that interest me would be a little selfish. But after all these themes are increasingly sought and exploited and why not join them?

Thus, I present this new project that speaks about food, innovation and food innovation. We are totally open to constructive opinions to enrich the debate, and each post comes with a reflection. We will bring a summary of innovative foods currently in the world today or just new innovations you can do for your own food today.

This blog is the result of my passions added to my satisfaction in “translating” a farfetched science into accessible readings for all those who are not familiar with this area. I believe science and foods must be available to everyone, and innovation is the channel to combine the two. This is my contribution to this cause.

Hello, come in, make yourself comfortable, this space is made for you.



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