Hangover cure ice cream: the best invention after the bar

Hangover cure ice cream: the best invention after the bar

If you think twice before drinking alcoholic beverages because you have to work the next day with headache and endless thirst, this innovation is for you: ‘hangover cure’ ice cream.

South Koreans are the biggest consumers of alcoholic beverages in Asia, therefore, they also face the worst effects in the next day. Headaches, headaches and even dizziness are the most common memories of last night the next day. The Gyeondyo-bar (equivalent to “hold on”) is a hangover cure popsicle and it promises to alleviate the characteristic symptons of the drinking night.

Hangover cure ice cream

No more suffering!

The product will seek a slice of a market of more than 150 billion dollars of annual sales, that are the medicines for hangover. The products range from pills and drinks to cosmetics. Created for the convenience store chain Withme FS, part of the conglomerate Shinsegae Group, the popsicle is sold exclusively on their stores.

The main advantage of the grapefruit flavored ice cream, according to the creator, is that it does not have the distinctive plant and herbal flavor usually present in medicines and other products in the market.

Wanna know the “miracle” behind the grapefruit gelato?  Is the fruit or seed of zhijuzi or Hovenia dulcis (known as raisin tree), a small Asian fruit known for its medicinal properties. The ice cream contains 0.7% of this fruit extract whose effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of intoxication has been proven in studies with rats in 2012. Its its earliest records date back to the 17TH century, in a Korean medicine book. It contains hovenitin and ampelopsin that protects the liver.

Hangover cure fruit

Fruit and seeds

For now there are no plans of expansion or product export. Maybe some scientist is enable create a very nice alternative for international use for the good of society, isn`t it?

Hangover cure ice cream

The fruit also grows in Brazil and other latin America countries.

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