Ground coffee: what makes a drink makes a jewel

Ground coffee: what makes a drink makes a jewel

That’s right, the old ground coffee from every day is now the source of furniture and even jewelry. Do you want to know how this is possible? Find here at Eat Innovation.

In Brazil 5 kg of ground coffee is consumed per person every year. What to do with all this waste? In some places it is used as fertilizer, but unfortunately in the cities this is not a reality and the residue goes to the garbage. You should know, however, that you may have a treasure in your hands. The jewelry designer Rosalie McMillan joined the startup London Re-Worked to create the Çurface (that’s right, with Ç), a material made from ground coffee, melted plastic from disposable cups and natural oils. The result is a kind of “dark wood” of high added value.

ground coffee 2

To make the Çurface, this mixture of coffee goes through high temperature and pressure processing. The raw material comes from the partnership that the startup has with cafeterias that donate their ground coffee waste. The material has high durability and resistance as well as a common wood. The designer uses it to make unique jewelry with gold and silver.

ground coffee 4  coffee jewelry

Joint work with manufacturers took çurface to be used in furniture and espresso machines (picture below). However, despite having developed an innovative material, Re-Worked still depends on governmental research funds to continue exploring the new material. They need to grow and produce it on a large scale and the company is studying ways to make this economic and environmentally sustainable while maintaining their core values.

coffee machine

Will the Çurface conquer the world? This we do not know yet, but for sure I want to use these coffee jewels. So, do you want a cup of coffee now?

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