Functional chocolate to help your hormones

Chocolate is delicious and you know it. Now there is a functional chocolate that is not only tasteful, but it also contributes to your hormonal balance. Meet it here.

More than cocoa, sugar and fats, functional chocolate bars Not Your Sugar Mamas contains ingredients that offer extra health benefits. In particular, the ‘Rose Macacontains Peruvian maca and rose oil, in addition to organic cocoa processed in low temperature, vanilla and maple syrup.

functional chocolate 2

The Peruvian litter serves on the balance of sex hormones and female fertility. It is also good for men, as it has positive effect on prostate, in the testosterone, and sperm quantity and quality. Rose oil contributes to the reduction of stress and relief of depression symptoms.

Not Your Sugar Mamas is a startup founded by two North American friends, Bennet and Ky, looking for a chocolate filled with “good energy”. They decided to make themselves a product that was delicious and nutritious. They say the energy emanating for food can transfer to the person who consumes it. And that chocolate is highly “vibrational” in addition to having high concentration of antioxidants, so their choice by this particular option.

functional chocolate 3

The chocolates are available in 6 different flavors: rose maca, coconut crunch, salted caramel, pomegranate and ginger, lavender and sea salt, pure. Besides the online sales at the company`s website, the chocoholics can subscribe to a monthly products delivery service, to have a bar always at hand. The company also sells other products such as cookies.

functional chocolate 4

I don’t know if the amount of functional components in each bar are enough to get the promised effect in the human body, but who cares to eat some chocolates to find out?

functional chocolate 5

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