Farm 2.0 – 5 new tech to revolutionize agriculture

Farm 2.0 – 5 new tech to revolutionize agriculture

Does farm remind you something quite rustic? It’s because you haven’t seen these 6 super innovative technologies made especially for this field.

Internet of cows, big data, robots and other technologies accessible to all. Farm will never be the same.

 1-Internet of cows
After “internet of things” we now have “internet of cows”. Brazilian company BovControl, collects data through earrings and chips implanted in cows. They do all the trace control of vaccines, diseases and nutrition in farm. The system control panel is available in the smartphone. Their goal is to “combat world hunger increasing production on farms and empower farmers with the right tools”.
 Bovcontrol Farm

2-Big data for small farms

Booster, from Argentina, work with the estimative that by 2050 the world population will be 30% higher than today, but with less water, land and fuel available. Production needs to grow 70% to meet the demand. They act in these 70%. How? Analyzing data from large and small plantations and turning them into relevant content. Accessible and cost-effective content for small-scale farmers to access in their their smartphones. Thus allowing them to take better decisions regarding farming and reduce losses.

Farm Booster

3-Technology to increase plant life on the plantations

Wakati was the result a master thesis at the University of Antwerp. He studied product development.  The technology extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables and was designed for small producers. The product creates a microclimate which maintain products sterilized and in a suitable temperature. All this thanks to a solar panel and at an affordable price. According to the United Nations, 45% of the fruits and vegetables spoil before they even reach the market. Almost half of the production is wasted. Wakati wants to decrease this index.

Wakati Farm

4-Data management for farmers

With focus in orchards and vineyards, AGERPoint works with data management for farmers. The system is a combination of 3D scanner, GPS and HD video cameras that capture the data on site. These tools allow farmers to monitor accurately what happens in their production and make better decisions on it.

Agerpoint Farm

5-Robot decreases use of herbicides

The German startup Deepfield Robotics from the Bosch company, has developed Bonirob. A robot that promises to reduce environmental impact of agriculture through optimized fertilization and crop monitoring. It also removes weeds without use of herbicidesBonirob has the size of a small tractor. It goes through planting scanning and taking samples for analysis in the own farm. Even more, it measures how much water and fertilizer the soil needs and alert about pests.

Bonirob Farm

And what about you, do you know, a new technology for agriculture? Please share in the comments.

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