Biting nail: with these edible nail polishes, can we do it?

Biting nail: with these edible nail polishes, can we do it?

When kids want to paint their nails, what to do? Conventional nail polishes are dangerous for them, alternative for them to play are edible nail polishes.

Following the trend of cosmetics “no poo“, father and mother of three children created, with the help of food scientists, edible nail polishes. The product came from the need, because kids liked to have their nails painted and of course, they were always with their hands in their mouths.

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As there is no similar product on the market, the way was to create their own formulas with vegetables like beets and carrots.

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The result is the startup Kid Licks and the launch of three colors. Now the mini fashionists and also adult women who bite their nails already count on a natural alternative to color the nails. The product dries like the traditional ones, however the removal is done with water and soap. On the one hand it can be considered that this is an “early adulthood” of the girls, on the other, it is a common joke (which woman did not play with the clothes, accessories and makeup of her mother when she was small?).

Do not confuse with adult edible nail polishes, such as Sabores do Amor, a Brazilian company created to explore the erotic market niche for fetish footing, through edible enamels, among which are typical Brazilian flavors such as açaí with guarana and also caipirinha. The acceptance was so high that the launch in Portugal occurred next.

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O fundador da empresa também mira o mercado infantil, mas com outro nome e sabores mais adequados ao universo infantil, claro. No entanto não comentou se em Portugal pretende lançar sabores lusos. Já imaginou esmalte de licor de ginja ou de medronho? Bom, melhor que ter as unhas com cheiro de bacalhau ou chouriço.

The founder of the company also looks at the children’s market, but with another name and flavors more appropriate to the universe of kids, of course. Although he did not comment on whether Portugal intends to launch Portuguese flavors, have you ever imagined cherry or medronho liqueur nail polish? Well, rather than having the nails smelling cod or chorizo.

Edible nail polishes 4


Another edible nail polish we talked about in this post here was the chicken-flavored created by the KFC fast food chain. Wait to see if the fashion picks up, after all, launches in this market are not lacking.



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Originally posted in my Noctula Channel website column on 10/29/2015 and updated on 9/21/2017.

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