Drones: news to guide and feed us

Drones: news to guide and feed us

GPS, drones and robots are used in many sectors, from delivery service to war strategies, they do everything. The news now are that  they are also used in the food business.

In 2014 a pizzeria in Brazil used drones to a pizza delivery test. The test was suspended soon and they were warned by Anac (Brazilian Civil Aviation National Agency). They did not have permission to use airspace. However, the episode was enough to cause an impact and increase the fame of the restaurant.

 Drones pizza

Pepsi also used drones to surprise and engage the consumer. Who hasn`t ever lost a friend in a concert? Knowing this, the brand used drones integrated with a smartphone app. The application sent the information on the friend location while the drone guided the user until there.

Drones pepsi

Heineken has installed beer bottles with GPS over the city to attract more visitors to their museum Heineken Experience, in Amsterdam. When someone holds it, the bottle vibrates and a red light on the lid indicates the way to the Museum.

While Heineken drives the consumer to the beer, MIT students make beer go to the consumer. This is possible thanks to a system of robots that interact with each other. When a robot receives the order, other search for beer and a third party is responsible for delivering the cold beer back to the second one. The project was presented at the Conference on Science and robotic systems.

It is expected that in the future this system will be used for other purposes like disaster rescue or deliveries in hospitals. But a butler robot to do the housecleaning doesn’t seem a bad idea either. This robot will never be unemployed!

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