Donkey milk: raw material for incredible new products

Donkey milk: raw material for incredible new products

Donkey milk is mostly unkown, but its value is enormous … and its price too. It is highly nutritious and also raw material for incredible products like chocolate, cheese and even cosmetics.

The consumption of donkey milk is a trend nowadays for several reasons. First, because of its nutritional composition, it is one of the most similar to human breast milk. It is a source of omega 3, has a higher content of lactose and less fat than ordinary milk it also has lysozyme, a protein that helps the immune system.

It is also a substitute for cow’s milk for people allergic to milk protein, including babies. In addition, the acceptance of non-bovine milks is also increasing, consumer curiosity and openness to new products contributes to this scenario. We have already talked about camel milk (in this post here), now let’s talk about donkey milk.

leite de burra

UHT Milk

Do not be mistaken, its consumption is older than it seems, there are reports that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, would have exalted the virtues of the product. Cleopatra was also known to take baths with this milk to keep the youth of her skin.

banho de leite de burra


In Europe there are already some poles that breed asinine animals (that is, donkeys) for both meat consumption and milk products. The problem, however, is that donkeys produce little milk, about a liter per day, while a cow produces more than ten times this.

This makes donkey cheese, called Pule, cost more than 1000 dollars per kilo, is the most expensive in the world. There is also a black market that obtains prices a little lower, but without any guarantee of origin or safety.

Queijo de leite de burra

Pule cheese

A project for the production of Pule cheese and donkey meat in the backlands of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is still under study. The Swiss company Eurolactis has developed the first donkey milk chocolate and the Greek Aphrodite Secrets also has its own version.

Chocolate de leite de burra Grécia


If you prefer to be like Cleopatra, you better use the soap and the donkey milk moisturizer, in addition to moisturize the skin, they are allies in the treatment of eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.

Leite de burra

Moisturizer and soap

Have you tried donkey milk? Please tell me on the comments!

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