Pleasant and useful: do miraculous drinks work?

Pleasant and useful: do miraculous drinks work?

Think about the perfect product, a beer that makes you rejuvenate, a soda that promotes weight loss. But in practice, do these miraculous drinks really perform?

It`s a dream, it has already been created the beer that rejuvenates the consumer. The product, which is already sold in Hokkaido, Japan, has 5% alcohol concentration and 2 grams of collagen per can. It sounds wonderful, but the company has not presented so far any scientific study proving the effects of the beer nor the benefits of collagen intake in the skin. I couldn’t find any study on it to verify (feel free to share in the comments a research on the subject!). For now, this is just another of the miraculous drinks lacking effective proof.

According to Kuniko Takahashi, Japanese scientist: “Good proteins contain sufficient amounts of all aminoacids and almost all animal proteins fill this category. Collagen is not better than average protein.” So, if you consume meat, is already taking aminoacids.

Following the new era of beers, the Canadian Lean Machine contains vitamins and is supposed to be in the category of isotonic drinks. It would be like a Gatorade, for consumption after sports practice, but little has been noticed about the beverage.

miraculous drinks fit beers

This miraculous beverage reminds me of Enviga, soda which promised to slim down the consumer (3 cans soda would have the power to burn the calories in 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise), which got revenge and justice processes still suffered for not fulfilling the promise.

Enviga miraculous drinks

As tempting as it may be, unfortunately the youth elixir hasn’t come in the form of beer or soda. The best way to keep the good appearance of the skin, according to experts, is not to smoke and to always use sunscreen. Nothing new for you, you just need to put in practice.

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