Breast milk: innovation and technology for mommies

Breast milk: innovation and technology for mommies

Breast milk, our first and most nutritious food, is now target of innovation. Of course it still comes out from the mother to feed the baby, but there are already high tech gadgets to help in the process. Meet here at Eat Innovation.

Many mothers and fathers keep memories from childhood of their kids such as the first hair cut, first baby tooth. The news is that it is possible to save breast milk. The technique consists in processing and dehydrate a small sample of milk, which stays similar to a plastic. From then on, sculpt, coat with resin and then place it in jewelry.

Jewelry manufacturing

Each piece is unique because the appearance and coloration can change according to the natural characteristics of the milk. It may seem strange for those who have not experienced motherhood, but to families is a way to preserve the memory of this phase of life.

Jewelry-pendant made with breast milk

Sacred Legacy-pendant made with breast milk

There are some companies exploiting that niche, the American Mommy Milk Creations, the British Mom’s Own Milk and even a brazilian designer who developed the collection “Maternity Jewel. Sacred Legacy Arts, goes further and produces jewelry with hair and even umbilical cord.

There is also a new high tech for mothers who need to pump milk. Forget the large suction cups and pipes. Willow is the first wearable pump for infants. It is powered by two battery units.

The most interesting is its format, which allows to be coupled to the breast under clothing and can be used while the woman makes other activities she desires.

The creator relied on the difficulty faced by his wife to take the milk. Willow is silent and its parts can be washed in the dishwasher. 

There is also an app for smartphone that communicates with the device, detects the amount of milk in each breast, the duration of the activity and of course, records everything. The selling price is not cheap, $420, but for those who can afford it, why not?

Hey moms, what do you think of these new features?

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